Let's build an infinite canvas for the web.

Steve Ruiz, Founder

November 30, 2022

Steve Ruiz, Founder

November 30, 2022

This new version of tldraw is a full re-write.

The important bits haven't changed. It's still a React application with a "native" web canvas, still supports the same types of shapes and workflows that you're used to from the first version of tldraw, and is still multiplayer (more on that in a bit). Really, most of the changes are under the hood.

However, there a few things that are new:

  • new and improved arrows

  • new geometric shapes

  • a code shape

  • frames that can accept other shapes as children

  • a new minimap

  • new line / spline shape

  • fixed-width text

  • opacity for shapes!

  • bookmarks and embeds (try pasting a Google Maps, CodePen or CodeSandbox URL)

🐛 There's also a huge jump in performance and stability. If/when you do find bugs, you can file them at Much appreciated!

New Multiplayer

This also includes a new custom multiplayer implementation. We're still doing some UI work, however the endpoints work just the same: to create a new room, and share a room by sharing its url. Try out this one!

It's really fast, really good. What's even better is that we'll be offering it to teams and developers to use it in their own products, too.

Open source when?

This new version is not yet open source.

We have a bit more work to do internally before we open it up to the public. I'd expect an open source release towards March or April of 2023. The vast majority of changes in this version are related to making tldraw into a component that can be customized and extended without having to fork it.

This is still kinda secret

I won't be making a proper announcement about tldraw (the product and the new company) until the end of this month. Consider this an early invitation to try it out, help us find some bugs, and give feedback. (You can always DM me on Twitter) or email me at

You can share the beta link with friends and family but please don't tweet it out or share on social media.

Thank you so much for sponsoring me as I've worked on tldraw. I hope you enjoy using it at least as much as I've enjoyed making it, which is a lot lot lot.